• Customer Selects Output Voltage
  • Single Outputs to + or – 12000 Vdc
  • Dual Outputs to +/- 3000 Vdc
  • High Reliability
  • Industry Standard Pinouts
  • Wide Temperature Range (-20 to +85°C)
  • 6500 Vdc to 12500 Vdc Output Isolation
  • Continuous Short Circuit Protection

The P3 Series of miniature DC/DC converters offers a isolated high voltage output that is directly proportional to input voltage. This series features low ripple and noise and are available in a wide range of alternate industry standard pinouts. All models will tolerate a short circuit indefinitely. They also include a LC input filter to minimize reflected ripple current. Applications include Electrophoresis , Field Generation , Piezo Devices , Mass Spectrometry and Electrostatic Chucks.




Output Power 3W
Output Voltage 0 to + or – 100Vdc up to + or -12kV
Output Ripple <1% P-P
Short Circuit Protection Continuous
Output Isolation 6500Vdc
Temp. (Operating, Case) -20 to +85°C
EMI/RFI Shielded Version Available
Case Material Black Phenolic