• Customer Selects Output Voltage
  • Fully Regulated Outputs to + or – 20,000 Vdc
  • 0-100% Programable Output
  • Output Voltage Monitor
  • High Stability (<0.005%/°C)
  • Low Output Noise & EMI/RFI
  • Onboard 10V Precision Reference
  • Continuous Short Circuit Protection

The G10 Series regulated high voltage DC/DC converter offers a 100% programable high voltage output using a 0-10Vdc analog signal. Ideally suited for CRT’s, lasers, Q switches, PMT’s, detectors, electron and ion guns, capacitor charging, test equipment, and many other applications. Remote on/off, output voltage monitor and 10V precision reference are standard. All models will tolerate a short circuit indefinitely.




Output Power 10W
Output Voltage from +or- 100Vdc to +or- 20kV
Output Ripple <0.1% P-P
Short Circuit Protection Continuous
Output Voltage Monitor
Temp. (Operating, Case) -10 to +60°C
EMI/RFI Six Sided Shield
Case Material Blank Anodized Aluminium